Keeping Doors Open

We often are not okay with the turn of events and we also tend to want what we want. We are human and it is part of our instinctual behavior. People, jobs, invites, money, things, love, or situations in our favor. When we don’t get those things we suffer. We do anything we can to repair, strategize, manipulate or construct life and situations to provide our wants and needs.

When we practice “being with what is” or mindful acceptance – we are actually leaving the door open for what or who we lost or what cannot be at this time, to come back to return into our lives or hearts again. By trying to force the situation to be different, or consuming the heart with what “could be” or what you hope to be, trying to force or cling to what is not now, we’re actually trying to create definition to the situation – because we are deciding now what will be in the future, right now.

You are essentially closing the door.

By simply practicing acceptance for what is now, whether pleasant or unpleasant – you’re letting what will be in the future, be undefined and in the future and by doing that you are leaving the door open.

With all things, practicing acceptance of what is now, frees us from suffering.