Letting Go

About letting go. It’s a tough one. We don’t want to let go. It’s losing the fight. But what are we holding onto? It’s hard to let go. Especially when we know something exists, and we’ve felt it, seen it, experienced it, it’s beautiful and has had life. But it cannot be at this time. It is one of the hardest things to accept as human beings. We want what we want. And if we had something or someone we loved and it didn’t work out, we replay what went wrong “rehashing” and try to make up better turn of events, or a different dialogue to fix what already happened or we practice what we would say if the person or the situation presented it self again “rehearsing.” Both are avoiding the present moment. As difficult as it is to be here now, we must. Even if in this moment we do not have “him” or “her” or “it,” it is the only moment we have. Best thing to do is sit with the discomfort and offer yourself compassion – it is okay to be hurting that he or she or it is not with you at this time.  Let it go and those or things meant to be will come back with new meaning.