Mindfulness, What’s the Hype?

You might say Mindfulness is a fad. It won’t last. It’s just some trendy concept right now that Google is into, therefore it won’t stick and can’t be cool. Well, you might be right. But my first question to you would be, “was Yoga just a fad?” Yoga has been transforming lives since… and continues to be the source of well-being and recovery for millions of people world-wide. The practice of mindfulness is no different. Much like yoga it is something that can be incorporated into one’s daily life. Meditation itself has many different family members, who are all different from each other. Some ask you to be out of your body, to “retreat” if you will to a better place not in the body. No wonder people become stressed out when they come back to the body and remember their deadline or that they’re back in a busy city. Mindfulness asks you to be in the body and with the body and see what is there – whether pleasant or unpleasant, offer it compassion, and let it move on. Or it can ask you to dive in a bit deeper, for more intense things that arise, what is happening, what is coming up, are you able to mentally step back, watch it and label it? Is it fear, anger, or sadness? By stepping back and watching what happens we are able to face what comes and goes with a better sense of ease and awareness. So no, you don’t need a meditation cushion, a crystal, a buddha statue or beads to practice Mindfulness daily. You can do so right in your office chair, or in the middle of the road when you need to.

Photo by:Nickolai Kashirin