The Side Effects of Happy Moments

Reading this you must be thinking “side effects of happiness?” how can that be. For many, including myself, happiness is success. It’s not something that comes with success it is success. But with it, without a true understanding of happiness, it can come with side effects. When we experience the “highs” of happiness, true the “lows” will follow. Those moments when everything is wonderful, our jobs are going well, relationships are at ease, our lover told us something sweet that morning, we had a fun night out with our friends. Yet, everything can change the next day.  It’s easy to not want to cling to the unpleasant moments, but what about pleasant moments? If we find ourselves clinging to pleasant or happy moments as “now everything is amazing”, eventually we will come back down, something will change and we will be with discomfort again. The best practice toward happy moments is to treat it just the same as the unpleasant moments, with gentleness, ease, and ultimately with non-attachment.