Warrior Kind of Happiness (a la Drew Barrymore)

A bit of a personal post:

I was obsessed with Drew Barrymore as a teen and now I can appreciate even more who she is and why she was my childhood hero and inspires me so much today. Looking back I realize I related to her having to grow up fast due to circumstances and that her inner child wasn’t able to be then but has been throughout her adult life. It takes a great amount of courage to let people see your inner authenticity and innocence. It is what makes her a beautiful human being inside and out. Caught her on the cover of Good Housekeeping, turns out she spilled her heart about the art of happiness, to which I instantly was flooded with one hundred smiles :))))). This is truly a statement about HAPPINESS : .

“I finally figured out that it’s not the word “happiness” that’s so powerful. It’s the word choice!” Happiness is not this yellow, blithe, floating thing. It’s something that takes a tremendous amount of work. There’s a warrior aspect to being happy. You have to fight for it. And only when you’ve got that kind of earned happiness is it really good.” – Drew Barrymore